Sunday, 24 June 2012

Storybook Wedding Photographers in Kent - Reviews

Storybook wedding photography is becoming increasingly popular as an interesting way to preserve the memories.

What is storybook wedding photography?
Storybook wedding photography is when you have a series of pictures - usually starting with the bride and groom getting ready in separate rooms, that follows the days events - you've guessed it - telling a story.

What Kent photographer should you choose for you storybook wedding.
In a word? A specialist. Or does that count as two words? Either way, if you're looking at a storybook wedding, you obviously want something special, so you need to be careful not to hire the wrong person and end up with something disappointing.

A storybook wedding photographer has to have a range of skills, including good planning, understanding the key moments, fast reactions, top quality equipment, excellent editing skills.

So it's best to go for someone who specialises in Storybook wedding photography, rather than a general photographer whose work spans a variety of things.

Here are some recommendations: RECOMMENDED. Beautiful example shots on the website and information that clearly shows he knows what's involved in making the perfect storybook wedding album. NOT RECOMMENDED. This is actually a sister site for Photo 3 Solutions, who photograph everything from portraits, to weddings, to model portfolios to glamour shots. You probably don't want someone who specialises in photographing topless girls taking the pictures at your special day!

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