Thursday, 10 May 2012

Photo 3 Kent Wedding Photographer

One of the services Photo 3 provides is Wedding Photography.

From someone who calls themselves a 'professional' photographer and charges upwards of £1000, you would expect work of very high quality - but a look at the galleries shows that this is sadly not the case.

Wedding photography is an extremely challenging and specialist area, with high pressure and very small windows of opportunity to get perfect images that will be cherished memories for a lifetime.

Professional wedding photographers dedicate their professions to perfecting their craft and learning all the tricks and techniques needed to provide a polished service.

However, Photo 3 Solutions seems to dabble in everything from wedding photography to model portfolios to topless photography.

Do you really want your wedding shot by a glamour photographer?
Finally - the proof is in the pudding. The Photo 3 Solutions wedding gallery doesn't demonstrate the level of quality you'd expect for the sort of prices they're charging. Perhaps for a budget solution for a few hundred, they might be appropriate - but if you're going to spend thousands of pounds on a wedding photographer in Kent - you should look for a true professional.

Here are some suggestions for professional wedding photographers in Kent: (prices start at £500)


  1. Andy James is a faker, he changed his name from Andy Morant when he was convicted of firearms offences so that brides wouldn't link him

  2. I agree, those photos definitely don't look good enough quality for those kind of prices.