Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Models 3 - Scam Kent modelling agency by Photo 3 Solutions?

Models 3 claim to be a 'UK model register' and  'Kent model agency'.

But in fact the company is run by Andy James, whose 'proper' company is Photo 3 Solutions, and 'The Kent Wedding Photographer'.

Running a modelling agency is a full time job, and not something just anybody can do in their spare time, but Mr James seems to think it doesn't need to be taken that seriously - that it's enough to knock up a homemade website and hey presto - you're a modelling agency!

Model 3's credentials are weak at best, talking about launching the career of Luisa Jane (whoever she is) - but by their own admission that was back in 2007, and they don't appear to have had any results since then. Not a single paid placement in five years? Not a great record.

Worryingly, he states that CDs with a selection of photos of most of the models are available for £25. No serious modelling agency would charge clients to view images of their models in order to select them for work! Combine with the fact that Mr James seems to focus on glamour modelling, the sale of these CDs leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

Elsewhere Photo 3 Solutions / Model 3 / The Kent Wedding Photographer states that 'the photographer owns the copyright to all images' as if there is no alternative. As a model, you have the right to demand the copyright to your portfolio images - especially if you paid for them!

So not only is Mr James selling images that should be in a promotional portfolio, it seems likely that the model never sees a penny from this tidy little income.

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