Thursday, 10 May 2012

Photo 3 Solutions Service Quality

Photo 3 Solutions consider themselves great experts in various domains. They advise on camera equipment, on modelling careers; they do wedding videos and even pictures of topless girls.

We could say they are Leonardo Da Vinci of photography - with skills in every area.

But isn't it too good to be true?

The answer is most definitely yes - they are no Da Vinci.

A quick look at their website demonstrates the poor quality of their work.

And there is the answer: if you try to do everything, it usually means that you're good at nothing.

Think twice before calling Photo 3 Solutions in Kent and asking for their services - find yourself a professional instead.


  1. photo 3 work is very poor, i do not recommend it

  2. Laeticia McDonald10 May 2012 at 04:35

    tried them, not going there ever again

  3. start fixing your problems first..then advice others

  4. when it comes to retouching the images, they need to still learn a lot...most of the images are strongly cartoonized!

  5. He is a con artist stay away ive heard many horror stories about photo3 solutions ltd.
    They also take wedding photos calling themselves kent wedding photographers.Wedding photography is an art.Seems like they do it all.Andy james seem's like jack of all trades master of none.
    Do not trust your most impt day of your like to a wanbabee photographer who thinks he can do it all.Look at the poor cheesy photos on his homemade website!

  6. I would steer clear they sound like trouble.I was told the prices would be as quoted on their website.Thats what they tell you to get you in.Then comes the hard sell there are stories surfacing they are selling poor quality portfolis for as much as £3000!
    They seem nice till they get you thru the door
    then it's all about the money.My advice stay away.If anybody else has had a bad experience pls let us know as we would like to pass on all our findings to trading standards.

  7. Sounds like a seedy old man wanting to photograph girls for his own pleasure

  8. Bad bad studio been there was sold 10 photos for £1235.
    He promises work however all the agencies i went to didn't accept the poor quality work. Don't go and waste your money.

  9. They say that they are not a scam.I think that they are. They say there is no need for a portfolio then why are they advertising prices for a portfolio. They are contradicting themselves.Seems like they are trying very hard to scam people.photo3 solutions are a scam. They say look at the top model agency models 1 they say there is no need for a portfolio then why try to sell photos from your website.You must be a scam otherwise you would practise what you preach!
    Photo3 solutions ltd is a SCAM!!!!!!

  10. You'll be lucky to get an appointment with him anyway. He sends text messages rather than calling, I found his service so unprofessional and his attitude was appalling.