Friday, 22 June 2012

Digital Wedding Photographers in Kent - The Kent Wedding Photographer Review

If you're looking for a digital wedding photographer in Kent, presumably that's because you'd like to have digital versions of your photos, so that you can upload them on Facebook, or create your own albums, use them as backgrounds on your computer, create slideshows, that kind of thing.

The problem is that some wedding photographers don't actually give you access to your own photos - and they'll make sure that you don't even own the rights to them!

So, when you're choosing a wedding photographer, make sure that a full set of high resolution images are included in the package - not just a handful of prints.

The photographer may give you a CD of the images 'for selection purposes' but the images will be low resolution (poor quality) and will be branded with the photographers gaudy logo.

Also, be careful of photographers that claim they own the rights to the photos or your event - rather than you owning it - even though you paid them to be there! Not only does it mean that you won't get access to your photos, but it means the photographer can use them however he pleases, whether you like it or not.

Make sure you ask who will own the rights to the images, and make sure you don't sign anything giving the photographer rights to use the images on whatever website, brochure or wherever else he wants.

How 'digital' friendly are the top Google ranking 'digital wedding photographers in Kent'? - Cheapest package £300, includes 200 photos on DVD, and full licence to print photos however you please. - packages start at £995, and high resolution disc is included as standard - prices start at £999, zero digital images provided, and rights to images retained by photographer. Even for around £2000, all you get all low resolution digital images and still no rights.

REMEMBER - They are YOUR photographs, that you paid for! Demand the rights to them!

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