Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Photo 3 Solutions - Jack of All Trades?

Photo 3 Solutions have no qualms about sharing their opinions on a wide variety of topics.

The areas that they advise on include: camera equipment, modelling careers, scams and even reality TV shows.

But are they really in a position to be giving advice on these topics?

A quick look at the website of Photo 3 Solutions shows an amateur website, filled with amateur photographs.

If someone purporting to be a professional photographer has a home-made website with photographs that aren't of professional quality, it's time to question the advice they're giving out - and their motivations.

For example: camera equipment:

Photo 3 Solutions gives recommendations about buying digital SLR cameras, but specifically badmouths SLR Hut, stating that the products are available much cheaper from the States. But he doesn't take into account shipping - an extremely serious consideration with delicate equipment. 

Furthermore, when buying from abroad, consumers are not protected by the kind of legislation that they are when purchasing from UK based companies.

So, perhaps Andy James of Photo 3 Solutions isn't giving the whole picture, after all. And if not, why not?

We'll write more soon with more questions as to Photo 3 Solutions hidden agenda.

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