Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The Kent Wedding Photographer Review

The Kent Wedding Photographer is another name for the company Photo 3 Solutions, which is another name for Andy James who also runs Model 3. Phew! That's a lot of names for one guy!

If you're choosing a wedding photographer you probably have two main sides to your considerations - price and quality.

How does The Kent Wedding Photographer perform on price?

The cheapest package is just under £1000, and for that you will get 20 photographs in an album - but no rights to the rest of your photos, and no access to digitsl versions.

By comparison, David Fenwick's ( prices start at £500, and you always get high resolution digital versions and full rights to all your photographs.

The Other Day Photography ( offer wedding photography in Kent starting at £950, but for that you get eight hours of photography, a 30 page album AND all your photographs in digital format.

How does the Kent Wedding Photographer perform on quality?

Obviously, with art such as photography, there is a certain amount of subjectiveness and personal preference involved, however, even an intrained eye can usually tell the difference between a poor photo, an okay one, a good one, and a great one.

The Kent Wedding Photographers images are mostly 'OK'. You could say this is fine 0 after all, they're not poor! However, when you're paying the kind of fees The Wedding Photographer Kent charges, you really would expect the results to be at least 'good' if not 'great'.

If you want your wedding photographs to be good, or even great - then we suggest trying one of tyhe following professional photographers instead:

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