Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Quality analysis of storybook wedding photographers in Kent

What make a good wedding photo? Part One

Good composition

A good wedding photographer will have a good 'eye' for a photo. Composition is about what's included in the image - and often more importantly, what's not. It includes where the main subject is located in the image (central, to the side or corner - all give different effects), the angle the subject is taken from, whether there are natural lines that lead towards the main focus of the photo.

Example of good storybook wedding photography composition:


Nice subtle symmetry, close angle makes us feel part of it, clear view of the action


Example of bad wedding photography composition:


Dull angle, lots of distraction in the background, can't see the detail of what's happening

Good colour balance

Colour plays a critical role in how a picture comes across. Obviously when it comes to portrait and wedding photography, black and white and sepis options are popular, but skillde colour manipulation is about much more than simply clicking 'convert to black and white'. There are many shades of black and whote, sometimes with hints or elements of colour. Some shades give a vintage feel, others drama or glossiness. If using full colour, balancing warmth, tints, vibrancy and saturation can make the difference between a dull or jarring colour balance and a fresh image that really 'pops'.


Example of good storybook wedding photography colour balance:


Warm, rich colours without being glary, detail in white and black areas, no blow-outs


Example of bad wedding photography colour balance:


White completely blown out, black areas completely lost, generally glary

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