Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Photo 3 Kent Photography scam

Photo 3, the Kent photographer is becoming synonymous with the word 'scam'.

Photo 3 Solutions Scam #1

Offering digital storybook wedding photography services, but charging extortionate rates for digital rights. Most wedding photographers are paid for their time, and the client receives the ownership of their photos. Not so with Photo 3. Not only must you pay hundreds, or thousands, of pounds for a few hours work, but then you must pay again for the privelige of using the resulting photos for something as simple as a computer desktop background.

Photo 3 Solutions Scam #2

Offering Model Agency services. Photo 3 has another name: Model 3, which claims to be a legitimate modelling agency. However, there is no evidence that Model 3 finds the models on its 'books' any work or does anything except encourage young girls to get portfolio photos taken from - you guessed it - Photo 3.

Photo 3 Solutions Scam #3

Offering 'impartial advice'. One the one hand Photo 3 will tell you that if a competitor photographer is charging LESS than them, then it must be a SCAM, because it's simply not possible to offer those kinds of services so cheaply. On the other hand, and with no sense of irony, Photo 3 says that if competitors are charging MORE then them, then it must be a SCAM, because those prices are artificially high.

In actuality, different people will charge different prices based on their skill and equipment level. The only thing that's obvious to anyone with any exprience of amateur or professional photography is that Photo 3 is extremely overpriced and poor quality.


  1. Photo3 uses a classic switch and bait technique. They have a outer image of being the leader in modelling industry exposing scams but if you dig into them a bit deeper its very clear that they are indeed a scam themselves. They run a agency called models3 and then supply portfolios to innocent models giving them hope that they could be models. They are bunch of amateur wedding photographers. They make a living by riding off big brands calling everyone a scam.

  2. Scammers ! Stay away from them. I would never send my kid to a guy who takes topless photos of girls.