Thursday, 28 June 2012

Medway Wedding Photographer Reviews

Need a wedding photographer in Medway?

Here are some reviews based on the websites, prices and packages on offer:

Ian Booth Photography
Prices: £325 - £1485
Image Quality: The photographs are good quality, with strong, crisp colours and good balance.
Photography range: There is a good range of images, from profiles, to storybook style shots, elegant close ups of periperhals (such as shoes and the bouquet), posed and natural photographs.
Post production: Post production is minimal - most of the photos appear to be displayed as natural.
Digital images and rights included as standard: Yes
Professional appearance: the website, layout and content gives a very calm, professional appearance. There is all the information you'd expect, laid out clearly and concisely.
Summary: All in all, looks like a professional outfit, with very reasonable rates.

Gary Smith Photography
Prices: £595 - £2200
Image Quality: Quite good quality, though some images could be sharper and some images suffer from balance blow outs.
Photography range: Nice range of images, and some nice ideas for original compositions, anbd use of depth-of-field.
Post production: Confident use of post production, including black and white and colour balance manipulation.
Digital images and rights included as standard: Yes

Professional appearance: The website looks good at first glance, but after a bit of use proves to be difficult to navigate, and flashiness seems to have been prioritised over ease of use. Also, the social media is not regularly updated and the website is not cross-browser compatible.
Summary: This photographers edge is definitely on coming up with original looking photos, which are of good quality.

Photo 3 Solutions
Prices: £999 - £1999
Image Quality: The images on the site do not look like very good quality. Very small examples given only, amateur looking shadows from flashes, grainy, black and white blow outs and dull colours.
Photography range: Range is okay, traditional shots, clos-ups of certain elements, but nothing particularly original.
Post Production: Post production seems to be limited to converting to black and white or sepia, and applying cheesy 80s soft lighting effects.
Digital images and rights included as standard: No
Professional appearance: The website looks completely homemade, the gallery is difficult and clunky to view, typesetting and layout is shoddy. A very unprofessional impression.
Summary: Definitely not up to the standard of some of the other wedding photographers in Medway, falling down in pretty much every area, from image quality to post production, to withholding image rights and digital versions.

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