Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Photo 3 Solutions - digital wedding photographers in Kent - Scam Advice

Photo 3 Solutions claims to be one of the leading whistle-blowers of UK modelling scams.

He lists companies that he claims are model agency scams and says he has named and shamed many fake model agencies over the years.

However, there are a few facts that might make a visitor wonder exactly what Andy James (the sole trader who runs the Photo 3 Solutions website) is really all about.

Expensive Modelling Portfolios

Despite proclaiming that expensive modelling portfolios are not necessary for aspiring models, Andy James (with apparently no sense of irony), offers Model Portfolio Test shoots for a fee of £300. Why is he offering modelling portfolios if they are a scam?

Photo 3 Solutions Fake Modelling Agency?

Andy James also 'names and shames' fake model agencies. But a quick search, and even a link from the bottom of his page, goes to 'Models 3 - UK Model Register'. The website is very obviously run by Andy James as well, and is not registered with the Association of Modelling Agencies. Perhaps the reason Mr James is so aware of fake modelling agencies is because he's running one himself?

His 'modelling agency' website also includes 'useful links' that don't exist, or are completely irrelevant, such as suppliers of safety signs! Not very professional...

The many faces of Photo 3 Solutions / Model 3 / The Kent Wedding Photographer

Andy James seems to have a finger in every pie, and a different face for every customer.  So far we've found three different websites, including a blog that claims expertise on a wide range of subjects, his 'modelling agency', his main photography site, and his 'specialist' storybook wedding photography site for Kent.

Genuine professionals usually specialise in one area; even photographers specialise in fashion, weddings, or commercial, for example. Someone who spreads himself so thin is likely to be a jack of all trades and master of none at best, or scam artist trying to throw the scent off his own dodgy businesses at worst.

Before you believe everything Andy James says, think again about what he's got to gain.

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  1. What a twat. I have been ripped off by this guy. Stay well clear of them.