Monday, 24 September 2012

Photo 3 Solutions Scam Advice

Watch out for Photo 3 Solutions (also known as 'The Kent Wedding Photographer'), do a little research before choosing this 'photographer' for your wedding photos, modelling photos or portraits.

There are lots of great photographers in Kent, so make sure you choose one that is going to give you a good quality service, for a good price.

When choosing a photographer, the key things you want to take into account are price and quality. You want to get good quality work, but you want to get it at the best possible price.

Well, with Photo 3 Solutions, you're likely to get poor quality work at a high price.

If you shop around a bit and look at some of the other wedding photographers in Kent other than Photo 3 Solutions, you'll quickly see that the package Photo 3 Solutions offers are quite pricey and don't include very much at all.

Furthermore, if you browse through the image galleries of other wedding photographers in Kent, it's immediately obvious that the quality of the work of Photo 3 Solutions is just not up to scratch - in fact, there are plenty of amateur photographers who could do a better job.

Whether its composition, lighting or post production, Photo 3 Solutions work is laughably bad.

So, shop around and decide for yourself! Do you want to waste your money, or would you rather hire a professional?

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  1. Photo3 is a scam. They run several blogs and sites to hide their main business which is a photographic studios. They SELL very average photos. They advise people not to get a portfolio but they sell one anyway. How Ironic ? Their website looks very dodgy and done by a 10 year old. They are based in Kent. I would be very careful taking my young daughter to people who shoot topless models. Disgusting !