Monday, 30 July 2012

Photo 3 Solutions - Rainham Wedding Photographer in Kent

If you're looking for a wedding photographer in Rainham, Kent - don't just pick the first one you see, especially if it's Photo 3 Solutions. Photo 3 Solutions have a monstrous sprawling website filled with lots of location based pages that exist simply to come up for small locations, but they are all about quantity, not quality.

There are much cheaper, better quality wedding photographers in Kent, if you just look around and compare prices and packages - not to mention looking at the portfoilios to see the quality of work.

Things to look for in a Rainham wedding photographer in Kent:

Cost - obviously when planning a wedding, cost is an important factor, so make sure you shop around to see what's available. Package can start from £300. Photo 3 Solutions most basic wedding package starts at £999 for only 20 prints and no digital copies. Pricey!

What's included - does the time start during the preparation, or only at the venue? Does it include pictures during the meal? Also, how many prints are included? If they're not included in the package, you may find yourself paying through the nose if you want to just add a few more at the end.

Who holds the copyright - it's your wedding, with you and your guests as the 'models'. The photographer should give you full copyright to the images. If they don't (as Photo 3 solutions don't), you have no rights as to what happens to those pictures. They can be used for advertising or sold on without your consent. Nor do you have teh right to make copies (ditigal or prints) without asking for permission first.

Watch our for cowboy photographers like Photo 3 Solutions, and don't let them ruin your wedding day!

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