Monday, 23 July 2012

Quality analysis of storybook photographers in Kent

What makes a good wedding photo? Part Two

Comparing the work of two wedding photographers based in Kent - David Fenwick and Photo 3 Solutions (also goes by The Kent Wedding Photographer)

Subtle post-production

Post-production includes cropping to optimise the composition, adjusting colour balance, selection of image, and any filters of special effects that might be applied. Almost all professional photos will have some level of post-production applied to them, even if you don't notice it, otherwise they just look like snapshots. However, amatuer photographers can get over-excited about the power of modern photo manipulation tools and create tacky results.

Example of good storybook wedding photo post-production (David Fenwick Wedding Photographer, Kent)

Nice of centre crop, strong blacks and whites without blowing out, lots of interesting detail and nice timeless atmosphere created with black and white

Example of bad storybook wedding photo post-production (Photo 3 Solutions, Kent)

Bad crop, leaving distracting detail in bottom left corner, too much contrast, not enough detail for black and white

Capturing the moment

Possibly the most important element of wedding photography, is capturing the moment, the atmosphere of the day. Anybpdy can line people up like dolls, order then to smile, then click a button. But a truly talented wedding photographer will be able to sneak around unnoticed, captuing genuine moments of emotion.

Example of good storybook wedding photo capturing the moment (David Fenwick Wedding Photographer, Kent)

A genuine moment of closeness between the couple, shown in both facial expression and body language

Example of bad storybook wedding photo capturing the moment (Photo 3 Solutions, Kent)

Looks uncomfortable, bride and groom look stiff and posed, the lauch forced

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