Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Scam Advice: Photo 3 Solutions digital wedding photographers in Kent

Photo 3 Solutions - whistle blowers or full of hot air?

The owner of Photo 3 Solutions - Andy James, makes lists of companies he says are model agency scams and proudly claims to have named and shamed many con-artists over the years.

However, if you start to look into the structure and background of Photo 3 Solutions, you start to wonder exactly what's going on behind the scenes.

Fake Modelling Agency?

Photo 3 Solutions apparently 'names and shames' dodgy modelling agencies. But even from his own site you can find a link to 'Models 3 - UK Model Register'.

It's clear from the first glance the this website is run by the same people (or person, as it happens ) as Photo 3 Solutions. Could it be that Andy James is running his own fake modelling agency and is just trying to get rid of the genuine competition?

The 'modelling agency' website Models 3 is an extremely scrappy site, full of broken or inaccurate links. Not very professional.

The only testimonials on the site are years old, and are impossible to prove, plus there doesn't seem to be any evidence of actual paid work for any real models - just lots of pictures taken by Photo 3 Solutions - and you can be sure the model paid plenty for those.

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