Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Photo 3 Solutions Modelling Portfolio Scam

Modelling Portfolios Scam

If you're an aspiring model and you've come across Photo 3 Solutions or Models 3 then be very, very careful, don't get sucked into a scam that could cost you hundreds of pounds and not help at all in your modelling career.

If you want to join Models 3, you'll probably be told that to make it as a model, you need a modelling portfolio - which is of course, correct - but hey! How convenient, here's someone who can do it for you.

However, the owner of the 'modelling agency' Models 3, and the photographer at Photo 3 Solutions who will sell you your 'professional' modelling portfolio photos are one and the same person.

Of course, you may be told that you can use any professional photographer, but it's clear that you'll have the best chances if you use him, because he's got so much experience, the studio - the whole deal.

The only problem is, the photos will be of such poor quality, that while they'll surely get you into Models 3 - which is only a part time company anyway, and doesn't seem to have much luck in actually placing models - there's no way they'll ever be able to be used in a proper professional modelling portfolio if you do manage to break into modelling by some other route.

So, don't waste your money with Photo 3 Solutions! Stick to genuine modelling agencies, not half-cut, part-time sidelines, and get a photographer who understands things like lighting and composition.


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  1. models3 + photo3 = Andrew James a wannabe talent less photographer who will rip you off..