Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Photo shoots in Kent with Photo 3 Solutions - be careful!

Are you looking to have a photo shoot in Kent?

One of the most prolific photographers in Kent is Photo 3 Solutions, so you may come across their home made website if you're looking for photo shoots in Kent.

But make sure you check the details carefully before you agree to a photo shoot with Photo 3 Solutions.

Warning #1 - you won't own your photos
Photo 3 Solutions make it their policy to withold copyright from anyone in their photoshoots. Now, this may be normal if you're a model being paid by a client for your images. However, if you're a client, paying a photographer for their time and skills, then you darn well have the right to own your own photographs!

The only exception would be if the photoshoot itself is free, and then you only pay if you decide you want some of the images.

So, check the small print about the copyright if you're having a photoshoot in Kent, and find someone who won't withold it.

Warning #2 - photo 3 solutions is a jack of all trades
You may want a photo shoot for formal portraits, relaxed family pictures, a modelling portfolio or a wedding storybook. Each of these areas is specialist, and most photographers choose one or at most two and take pride in making sure the quality of their images is outstanding. Photo 3 Solutions has a finger in every pie (they even claim to run a 'modelling agency') - and the result is mediocre quality in all fields.

Warning #3 - photo 3 solutions are over priced
You'd think a jack of all trades that withhold copyright would at least be one of the cheapest offerings around - but sadly this is not the case. The packages offered are among the most expensive, with the least included.

For photo shoots in Kent - choose a professional, not Photo 3 Solutions.

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