Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Photo 3 Solutions - scam artist?

Photo 3 Solutions is a photographer in Kent, specialising in portraits.

Or is that weddings? If you follow links to wedding services, it takes you to a complete different website, which claims Photo 3 is an expert in digital storybook wedding photography. However, there's no evidence of storybook expertise, and the packages don't include digital version of the photographs, even when you've forked out £1000. Misleading.

Then again, it appears Photo 3 Solutions is a modelling agency as well. That's right! They run their own modelling agency at the same time as 'specialising in storybook wedding photography' and also portraits.

But the talents of Photo 3 Solutions don't stop there - they also manage to fit in some glamour / boudior / lingerie sessions. Well, who wouldn't?

As if that wasn't enough, Photo 3 Solutions can also find you a make-up artist and a venue for your wedding. They really are busy!

You'd probably assume that a company that has time to become an expert wedding photographer, learn how to get the most out of intimate portraits, spend time gathering up-to-date details of professional stylists and venues, and also run a modelling agency, must have a lot of staff.

But the surprising (or not) answer, is that no. Photo 3 Solutions is a one man outfit. Andy James must get up very early in the morning to be able to provide so many different services that are usually served by professionals that take each one a little more seriously.

One more thing - busy Mr James still has time to slander photography shops, photographic equipment, competitor's modelling agencies and modelling stylists and consultants, in fact anyone who might offer any competition.

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